Gin – Are you ready for a creamy cocktail ?

I love a cocktail or three, but something I don’t do at home enough is make egg-white creamy cocktails. OK, I know at this point some of you are thinking ‘Hang on, an egg in my cocktail…..I don’t think so’, but PLEASE read on and trust me.

Recently we’ve been working with JJ and his team from the London Cocktail Club on a new iPhone App. You’ll will love the app but more to the point, you’ll adore his cocktails. If you are ever passing Goodge Street in London stop by and try a cocktail or some canapes.

The great thing about the app is JJ will show you what the cocktail should look like, and instructions on how to make them. So here goes.

We are starting with the simple but striking
Clover Club. With the addition of a mint leaf at the end you have a Clover Leaf Рso two cocktails in one.

Clover Club

2 shots of Gin
1 shot of Grenadine
1 shot of fresh lemon juice
1 egg white

Add all of the ingredients to a s shaker and shake hard WITHOUT ice to emulsify the egg. Now add ice to the shaker and shake hard again.

Strain into a chilled martini glass and watch it separate. A great color, a lovely creamy drink and a party winner.

Download the London Cocktail Club app here.


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