Rum – Honey Daiquiri

So summer came and went and now at the beginning of Autumn I’m catching up on some great drinks we were able to make while the sun was out.

During the summer I was very lucky to receive an amazing gift from a friendly local bee keeper.

An entire frame of organic honey ! Beautiful to look at even before you slice off the top wax and watch the golden nectar drip from the frame.

So with local honey in hand we set about to make a Honey Daiquiri. A daiquiri is super simple drink, and after making your first it will be on your ‘favorites list’ for all time.

We are substituting the 2 spoons of caster sugar normally in a daiquiri for fresh honey.

Honey Daiquiri

2 shots of superior white rum
1 shot of fresh lime juice
2 spoons of fresh runny honey

In a shaker add the rum and honey. Now stir and try to dissolve the honey as best you can. Add the lime juice then using 1/2 cubed and 1/2 crushed ice, shake the cocktail very hard. Fine strain this all into chilled martini glass.

A massive ‘Thank you’ to our local Suffolk bee keeper. Delicious.

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