Fizz Weather & Fizz Weather HD – New Release

“The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray…..”

It’s Friday and after a week of rain and grey clouds the sun is out and the sky is blue-ish….

More importantly the busy people at Apple have approved our next update of Fizz Weather & Fizz Weather HD

New Release
This version has lots of tweaks and new features. It’s a FREE update so please update if you already own this app or BUY NOW if you don’t.
We have kids to feed…..

If you love it, please help us and review it on the AppStore.

Finally because it’s Friday, the sun is shining and we are feeling good, for the next week you can buy Fizz Weather at the ridiculous price of 69p ($0.99c).
Same price as a cheap burger, you can use it every day as much as you want and it won’t make you fat. What’s not to love.

Fizz Weather Fizz Weather HD



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MyTweetFrame – New Release, New Price

We are pleased to announce a new update to MyTweetFrame.

Updated in the AppStore today this new release has more control over the Twitter sound effect and a new full screen transition mode. Your pictures can now be seen in all their glory, full screen.

But thats not it !

There is also a new price for a short time.

Get app today for just 59p ( $0.99c ).
With up to date weather and your latest tweet feed its a great app for your iPad desktop.


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Tequila – A Thailand Inspired Drink

Well I never, yes it’s raining again ! Lets hope this isn’t our typical English summer starting… The hot weather in May/June was fantastic and now, just when the kids are starting to break up from school the grey clouds arrive.

As the rain is still pouring down outside this got me thinking about some of the warm places around the world. We recently were very lucky to be able to visit the beautiful island of Koh Samui. With an average temperature of around 28/32c most of the year round, the sun, sand and humid heat requires something ice cold to keep all parts refreshed and eases you into an afternoon snooze.

Being in Thailand we were surrounded with lots of fresh lime and fresh ginger, so if the sun ever returns to the UK you have to try this drink !

Koh Samui Ridgeway

2 shots of Gold Tequila.
2 shots of Fresh Lime Juice.
A good thumb sized lump of Fresh Ginger.

1 Wheel of lime for garnish.

In a shaker add the tequila. Chop the ginger very well and add this to the shaker. Muddle and leave for 5 minutes for the tequila and ginger to infuse. Now add the lime and shake hard with ice. Pour into a highball glass filled with lots of ice. You could fine-strain if you don’t want the ginger bits but try them – they are great. Top up with sprite and add your lime wheel.


Now sit back, shut your eyes and listen to the waves washing against the sea shore ( or the rain up the window ) and with your face next to a hot radiator, slowly sip….

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Tennis or Football ?

It’s now week two of Wimbledon. Murray is still hanging in there and at this point you will be in one of the various camps.

a) Can’t get enough tennis…need more….bring it on.
b) You’ve starting to think it’s less than 50 days before the new football season kicks off.
c) Not really bothered about anything sporty – I’d just like a cocktail.

Well for those in camp a) and c) we have a solution!
Download our Diffords #8 cocktail app at a special price. Tennis lovers make a nice “Pimms Cup”, sit back and hope Murray makes it all the way…

For those in camp b) – We also have a solution ! Switch off the TV, download Soccer Manager at a special price and dream of being a top football manager. Why not join camp c) and download Diffords #8 and make yourself a nice “Highball” while you train your team.

Download Link : Soccer Manager, Diffords#8

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Vodka – Moscow Mule

Thursday in the Twittersphere is fast becoming know as Thirsty Thursday.
So not to feel left out and following on from our last vodka post, the Vodka Bling Bling, today we bring you a Moscow Mule.

Again we are using Adnams of Southwolds vodka.
Its prepared in their shiney new The Copper House distillery.

Moscow Mule

2 shots of Vodka
2 shot of Fresh lime juice.
Ginger Ale
1 Wedge of lime

Fill a highball glass with ice. Add the vodka, lime and top with ginger ale. Garnish with a wedge of lime.


Adnams Spirits

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Vodka – Bling Bling

Living in Suffolk has lots of advantages.

  • We’re a stones throw from the sea.
  • We have the best fish and chips.
  • There are loads of good pubs.
  • We have a few fantastic local brewers.

Adnams of Southwold is one such great local brewer.
Voted Brewery of the Year 2011 they’ve now opened a distillery !

The Copper House
Now producing a range of vodka, gin and limoncello we were lucky enough to receive a few bottles. It’s summer and while you can’t eat enough good English strawberries, we love raspberries…especially in a cocktail. So we thought we’d mix up a few cocktails with the little red fruits. Here is a nice shot based cocktail to kick off the night.

Raspberry Bling Bling

7 Raspberries
1/2 shot of Vodka
1/2 shot of lime juice
1/4 shot sugar syrup

Muddle the fruit and add to a shaker with all other ingredients. Shake with ice and strain into a shot glass. Top with a fizz. Delicious.

Adnams Spirits

Bling Bling & More

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Sunday Times App Awards 2011


Last year our Diffords Guide #8 Cocktail software was listed in the Sunday Times Top 500 apps.

It was voted “Best Drinks App” and ranked in the top 3 in the lifestyle section.

This year the Sunday Times is doing it all again, and we’ve been asked by them to help with application nominations.

So we need your help ! It’s time for all you cocktail lovers to help us again make the app award list and see if we can yet again reign supreme ! Diffords Guide #8 is now on iPhone and iPad. Our Diffords Cocktails Made Easy app is on iPhone, iPad & Android.

This year all votes are from you the public so please help us and take the time to vote for a Fizz Software product.  Cheers!

Link : Sunday Times App Awards


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Goodbye Old News – Hello New Blog !

Ever since having our new site we’ve wanted all of our news and thoughts to be in a blog. Sadly there are never enough hours in a day and we ran out of time when building the site. Something had to give and unfortunately the new site was released with a very basic news page. Well “Thank The Lord” thats gone and finally replaced with this blog.

All future company news, product releases/updates or amazing cocktails we feel you have to try will now be found right here. For those that just can’t get enough and may be interested in past news – touch here.

For those still reading….Welcome.
We’ve kicked off with a couple of new posts. Our Android release of CME and an update to the successful R Cocktails from Renaissance Hotels.

We’ve got some fantastic app releases coming up so please make sure you follow us on twitter or facebook & keep coming back here to see whats going on.

Seriously you must come back even if it’s just for a good cocktail to make :)

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R Cocktails by Renaissance Hotels – iOS

We are pleased to announce a new FREE update to R Cocktails.  Now listing the most recent hotel additions to the Renaissance Hotel Group, R Cocktails allows you to :

  • Browse the latest hotels around the world.
  • View maps and images of the hotels.
  • See the best cocktails to drink when you arrive at your hotel.
  • Much more….

The app is FREE – simply download today.

Download link : iPhone, iPad

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Diffords Cocktails Made Easy – Android

We are pleased to announce the release of Diffords ‘Cocktails Made Easy’ for Android.

500+ easy to create cocktails.

Includes a free ‘Cocktail of the day’ widget. Download Link : Android

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