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Fizz Traveller

The Award winning Fizz Traveller 3 is now available for your shiny new iPhone or iPodTouch. Packed with features. With just a touch you have access to 5 main services.

The today section shows a single locations time and weather. At a touch the popup calendar will show you the current month and current day. Configure the look of your clock. 3 analog & 3 digital clocks supplied. Swipe the screen to see your next city.

At a glance you can see the time and weather for all of your favorite cities. See additional information including sunset and sunrise times, the current weather conditions & longitude/latitude. From this screen, plan meetings in different time zones. Finally use our 3D world globe to view your cities locations. Swipe the globe and it will rotate to show your next favorite location.

Fizz Weather comes to Fizz Traveller. Weather for over 68000 global locations, includes 5 day forecast, 2 day extended forecast, current conditions, weather maps & airport delays.

Create your new trips in the itinerary planner. Add trip notes, and select from various trip events such as Flight, Hotels, Car Hire, Trains, Cruises & Meetings. Email your itinerary, call hotels or meeting contacts directly from within Fizz Traveller or show your hotel locations on a map.

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