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Uggie, The Artist

The official Uggie app is here! To celebrate the phenomenal global success of the multiple-award winning black and white movie The Artist, we’re bringing you the chance to have your very own Uggie app for the first time.

The little dog with the big heart captivated movie goers around the world in the silent film that took everyone by surprise. The Artist won three Golden Globes, seven Baftas, six Cesars and five Oscars, but it was the scene-stealing canine sidekick of Best Actor Jean Dujardin that really set tongues - and tails - wagging.

This remarkable ten-year-old Jack Russell who was once destined for the pound, not only received the coveted Palm Dog in Cannes but was the first to be honoured by having his pawprints set in concrete on Hollywood Boulevard. He was also awarded the prestigious Golden Collar and his very own Pawscar for his amazing acting abilities.

The world’s most famous hound has already barked his memoir to a celebrity biographer, published internationally in October 2012, but now dog lovers everywhere as well as fans of The Artist can have their very own all-action Uggie app.

• “He’s the cutest dog!” – Ellen De Generes

• “Uggie’s right up there with the big ones” - Harvey Weinstein

• “What a treat to meet Uggie. Oh, how I loved him!” – Goldie Hawn

• “Uggie inhabits a character and emotional range as evocative as any of his human co-stars….He handily outperforms Leo (diCaprio) in J Edgar though might not measure up to Clooney’s work in The Descendants.” S T Van Airsdale, Movieline editor and creator of the Consider Uggie campaign.

• “Uggie’s the catch of the day!” - Katy Perry

• “That was the best action I’ve had in years!” – Whoopi Goldberg after being kissed by Uggie

• “Uggie gives the best performance, human or animal, in any film I’ve seen this year,” Lou Lumenick, New York Post film critic who tried unsuccessfully to convince the New York Film Critics Circle to give Uggie a special award.

• "You have no idea how starstruck I am!” - Gerard Butler

• “Uggie is wonderfully trained and talented. I’d like to see a special Oscar recognizing the achievements of animals.” James Cromwell in The Artist.

• “(Uggie) gave a wonderful performance…he’s a great dog,” - Martin Scorsese

• “This dog is a total scene-stealer!” - Miss Pyle

• “Uggie was my shadow and my friend” - Jean Dujardin

• “Uggie was a star. It was a pleasure to work with such a pro. He became very important in the movie – much more than what I expected when I wrote the script.” - Director Michel Hazanavicius