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What's The Weather

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Whats The Weather

The daily question, 'What's The Weather' going to do today, tomorrow, next week ?

Our new weather app features 70,000+ locations, updating your local weather forecasts every hour. With beautiful animated backgrounds you can see at a glance what the weather in any number of cities around the world is doing, what next 15 days will be like and over the next 2 days, what the hourly forecast is.

GPS finds the nearest location to you and iCloud keeps your locations backed up, making sure when you switch devices the weaher is waiting for you.

Fully HD for iPhone5, iPhone and iPad, tweet or post to Facebook what the weather is going to be like.

Swipe down to show the 15 day forecast. Touch a day to see its details.

Swipe up to show the hourly forecast.

Swipe left/right to change locations.

Tap location details to toggle the weather details, 15 day summary graph or hide the details.

Tap the clock to toggle between local and location time.